“Me, myself, and I”; Constructing and Reconstructing Identity

Конференция «Я, я и только я; Конструирование и реконструкция идентичности» пройдет в Лидсе 6 июня 2012 г. Мероприятие организуется Department of Classics университета Лидса. Предполагаемые темы для обсуждения:

  • Теоретические подходы к понятию «идентичность»;
  • Личная и государственная идентичность;
  • Конструирование и фиксирование идентичности;
  • Политическая, культурная и религиозная идентичность;
  • Реконструкция идентичности по свидетельствам материальной культуры;
  • Выражение и передача идентичности;
  • Развитие идентичности с течением времени.

Доклады — 15-20 минут. Тезисы (250 слов) принимаются до 27 апреля 2012 г.

Полный текст сообщения:

Identity has been the subject of research with a great interest for Humanities and Social studies the last few decades. Either inspired by the modern multicultural milieu or the recognition of the importance of the individual, the interpretation of identity in the ancient world is a major issue of the current research of Classicists. This Conference aims to initiate a discussion on the nuances and multifaceted concept of Identity. Possible aspects include:

  • Theoretical approach on Identity
  • Personal and State Identity
  • Constructing and Imposing Identity
  • Political, Cultural and Religious Identity
  • Reconstructing Identity from material culture
  • Expression and Delivery of Identity
  • Development of Identity through time

The Department of Classics of the University of Leeds is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Postgraduate Conference to be held on the 6th June 2012. Postgraduate scholars of Classics are invited for a 15-20 minutes presentation. However, an Interdisciplinary Approach is also aimed, thus researchers of other fields, such as Philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology, are most welcome. Papers can address, but certainly are not limited to the above suggestions. Travel bursaries may be available. Keynote Speakers TBA.

Abstracts of 250 words can be sent to classics.pgconference@gmail.com by the 27th April 2012.

For further information please e-mail classics.pgconference@gmail.com.

On behalf of the Organising Committee,

Andreas Gavrielatos, Christopher Green

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