Identity and Representation in Antiquity

Конференция «Идентичность и репрезентация в античности» пройдет в Лондоне 14 июня 2013 г. Среди тем, предлагаемых к разработке, следующие:

  • Эпиграфические и литературные репрезентации в античном мире
  • Аспекты греческой гражданской и религиозной идентичности
  • Синкретизм и проекции идентичности и культуры от эллинизма до эпохи Империи
  • Август как восстановитель и охранитель римской религии: топография, нумизматика, поэзия
  • Религиозная идентичность и светская власть в поздней Античности

Заявки (тезисы — до 250 слов) принимаются до 28 марта 2013 г.

Оригинальное сообщение:

King's College London Classics Postgraduate Conference:

Identity and Representation in Antiquity

14 June 2013, London

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Irene Polinskaya (KCL)

Abstract Submission Deadline: 28 March 2013

The Classics Department of King's College London is delighted to announce the second Postgraduate Conference on Identity and Representation in Antiquity. The conference will take place on Friday 14 June, 2013 at Strand campus, KCL.

Graduate students at all levels of study are invited to present working research on identity or representation within the classical or the late antique world. This might involve a variety of different conceptualizations of identity and representation--including, but not restricted to, personal, imperial, social, collective, or religious. The organisers are happy to receive abstracts on relevant topics from reception studies.

The following head topics from the last conference may be developed further, while new topics are also welcome:

1.      Epigraphic and Literary Representations in the Ancient World

2.      Aspects of Greek Civic and Religious Identity

3.      Syncretisms and Projections of Identity and Culture from the Hellenistic period to the Imperial Age

4.      Augustus as Restorer and Preserver of Roman Religion: Topography, Numismatics, and Poetry

5.      Religious Identity and Secular Power in Late Antiquity

By gathering together postgraduates at all stages of research and across a wide purview of historical context, the organisers hope to stimulate productive dialogue and to gain for all participants a more nuanced perspective on the importance of identity and representation in the ancient world.

An email regarding registration will be sent out with a program at a later date.

Presentations are limited to twenty minutes in length. Abstracts of about 250 words should be submitted by e-mail:

Members of the Organising Committee: Thomas Coward, Yukiko Kawamoto, Sangduk Lee, Aikaterini-Iliana Rassia.

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