Institute of Classical Studies Digital Seminars

Тексты докладов и аудиозаписи выступлений в рамках Institute of Classical Studies Digital Seminars доступны на сайте The Digital Classicist:

Jun 1 Chiara Salvagni (KCL) Digital Critical Editions of Homer (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room G37
Jun 8 Jari Pakkanen (RHUL) Pattern detection in archaeological data: quantum modelling, Bronze Age Aegean lead weights and Greek Classical Doric architecture (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room G37
Jun 15 Angeliki Chrysanthi (Southampton) A visitor-sourced methodology for the interpretation of archaeological sites (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Court Room
Jun 22 Alejandro Giacometti, Lindsay MacDonald (UCL) & Alberto Campagnolo (University of the Arts) Cultural Heritage Destruction: Documenting Parchment Degradation via Multispectral Imaging (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room G37
Jun 29 Marco Buchler & Gregory Crane (Leipzig) Historical Text Re-use Detection on Perseus Digital Library (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room G37
Jul 6 Charlotte Tupman (KCL) Digital epigraphy beyond the Classical: creating (inter?) national standards for recording modern and early modern gravestones (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room G22/26
Jul 13 Maggie Robb (KCL) Digitising the Prosopography of the Roman Republic (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room G37
Jul 20 Paolo Monella (Centro Linceo, Roma) In the Tower of Babel: modelling primary sources of multi-testimonial textual transmissions (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room G37

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