Religious Movement and Sensory Experience in the Ancient World

12 июня 2015 г. в Лондоне состоится конференция, посвященная религиозному движению и чувственному опыту в древности. К участию в конференции приглашаются аспиранты и молодые ученые.

Заявки на участие (тезисы объёмом до 300 слов) принимаются до 28 февраля 2015 г. по адресу:

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Religious Movement and Sensory Experience in the Ancient World

12 June 2015, London

Abstract submission deadline: 28 February 2015

The organisers are delighted to announce a one-day conference on religious movement and sensory experience in the ancient world. The conference will take place on Friday 12 June 2015 at King's College London. Postgraduates and early career researchers are especially encouraged to present their working research on the intersection between religious practice, physical movement and sensory experience in the ancient or late antique worlds. Possible topics include the relationship between religious identity and non-visual senses (e.g. religious rituals involving movement, sounds, smells or touch); the role of sensory experience in understanding religious movement, such as pilgrimage or processions; the non-visual characteristics, either acoustic, aromatic or tactile, of religious practices or spaces; sensory and movement interactions between religious devotees and others; or the role of movement and the senses in defining religious and urban spaces.

By gathering together scholars at different stages of research, the organisers hope to stimulate productive dialogue on the topics of movement, senses and religion. Presentations are limited to twenty minutes in length. Any interested participants can submit an abstract of 300 words to by 28 February 2015.

Further details about registration and the program will be sent at a later date.

Kind regards,

Dr Becky Littlechilds (King’s College London) and Jeff Veitch (University of Kent)

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