UK Punic Network Graduate Workshop in Phoenicians & Punic Studies V

Семинар по проблемам изучения финикийской и пунической цивилизаций пройдет в Оксфорде 21 марта 2014 г. Мероприятие ориентировано на молодых исследователей. Приглашаются представители Великобритании и других стран. Предусматриваются два типа докладов: 20-25 минут для сообщения о завершенных исследованиях и 5-10 минут для представления тех работ, которые были только начаты, либо для апробации отдельных частных идей. Заявки (тезисы до 250 слов) принимаются до 31 января 2014 г.

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The UK Punic Network Graduate Workshop creates an opportunity for graduate students working on Phoenician and Punic topics at Masters and Doctoral level to meet and discuss their work with students and staff with similar interests based at other universities. This series of meetings is one of the results of the British School at Rome/Libyan Society Punic Project, and in particular the conference held in Rome in November 2008 on 'Identifying the Punic Mediterranean'.  It has taken place in the past at Glasgow University (2009, 2011) and at Oxford University (2010, 2013), and will next take place in Oxford on Friday 21 March 2014, from approximately 10 — 6 pm. The workshop is sponsored by the Oxford Centre for Phoenician and Punic Studies ( and is primarily aimed at students and staff working in the UK, but is open to anyone who is interested, on a first-come, first-served basis. Unfortunately we are unable to assist with travel or accommodation expenses; UK-based graduate students are reminded that they can apply to the Wiedemann Fund for assistance with travel expenses, and all those interested in attending are reminded that accommodation in colleges can be reserved at
This is a call for papers for this meeting. As has become traditional, there will be two kinds of presentations: one of about 20-25 mins that enables people to report on research that is well underway or (practically) completed and one of about 5-10 minutes that offers an opportunity to signal work that is just beginning, or try out specific ideas. Those interested in presenting their work should send a title and an abstract of up to 250 words to Jo Quinn and Jon Prag ( by 31 January 2014, along with a indication of whether their contribution is supposed to be one of the longer or shorter papers. Anyone else interested in attending the workshop should contact us to register by the same date, as space is limited. Please also email us with any other queries.

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