Hierarchy/ies in the Theory and Practice of Greek and Roman Drama

Симпозиум «Иерархи(я/ии) в теории и практике греческой и римской трагедии» пройдет в Оксфорд и Лондоне 18-19 июня 2012 г. Мероприятие посвящено изучению рецепции античной трагедии. Приглашаются аспиранты и молодые кандидаты наук (PhD.). На доклад выделяется 20 минут. Заявки (200 слов) принимаются до 30 марта 2012 г. Подробнее см. ниже.

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‘Hierarchy/ies in the Theory and Practice of Greek and Roman Drama’


We are happy to announce the Annual Joint Postgraduate Symposium on the Performance of Greek and Roman Drama, co-organised by the APGRD, University of Oxford and the University of London. This two-day event will take place on Monday 18th June at the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies (University of Oxford) and Tuesday 19th June at The Central School of Speech & Drama (University of London).


Organised by postgraduates, this annual symposium focuses on the reception of Greek and Roman drama, exploring the afterlife of ancient dramatic texts through re-workings of Greek and Roman tragedy and comedy by writers and practitioners. Speakers from a number of countries will give papers on the reception of Greek and Roman drama. This year’s guest respondent is Professor Judith P. Hallett (University of Maryland).


Postgraduates from across the globe working on the reception of Greek and Roman drama are welcome to participate, as are those who have completed a doctorate but not yet taken up a post. The Symposium is open to speakers from different disciplines, including researchers in the fields of classics, modern languages and literature, or theatre studies.

Practitioners are welcome to contribute their personal experience of working on ancient drama. Papers may also include demonstrations. Undergraduates are very welcome to attend.

Those who wish to offer a short paper (20 mins) or performative presentation on ‘Hierarchy/ies in the Theory and Practice of Greek and Roman Drama’ are invited to send an abstract of up to 200 words outlining the proposed subject of their discussion to postgradsymp@classics.ox.ac.uk by Thursday 30th MARCH 2012 AT THE LATEST (please include details of your current course of study, supervisor and academic institution).

There will be no registration fee but participants will have to seek their own funding to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

This year's organisers are Brad Wilson (Oxford), Dan Goad (London). CONTACT FOR ENQUIRIES: postgradsymp@classics.ox.ac.uk

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