Triangulationships: Between Authors, Readers, and Texts in Imperial Literature

21-23 июля 2015 г. в Кембридже состоится конференция, посвященная как греческой, так и латинской литературе периода Империи.

Заявки на участие (тезисы объёмом до 300 слов) принимаются до 15 марта 2015 г. по адресу:

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Triangulationships: Between Authors, Readers, and Texts in Imperial Literature

Call for Papers – deadline Sunday 15 March, 2015

21-23 July @ Murray Edwards College, Cambridge

When talking about literary culture, the historical impact of the Roman Empire might be reduced to one simple idea: things got bigger.  Networks of exchange and transmission became larger and, as a result, notions of identity were forced to change.  The ideal of a closed literary community came under strain, bending notions of author and reader, while texts travelled vast distances across the empire, proliferating into any number of copies. Processing this change was a key project of literature under the empire. But more than this, a changing literary world provided the scope to write the rules afresh and make use of tensions not previously in existence.  In this conference, therefore, we ask the question: how was the physical interrelationship between readers, writers and texts (their objects) conceptualised, framed and used under the Roman Empire? And so, how did the unprecedentedly large network of the Roman Empire map the points and lines of this triangle in ways new to what had come before?

This call is for 300-word abstracts of twenty-minute discussion papers, on both Greek and Latin texts and in genres both high and low.  We are especially interested in broad-minded comparative analysis and individual case studies that reach specific theoretical conclusions.  Provocative papers are extremely welcome.  Please find an extended call below and submit your abstract to before Sunday 15 March, 2015.

Confirmed participants include (in alphabetical order):

Simon Goldhill (Cambridge)

John Henderson (Cambridge)

William Johnson (Duke)

Alice König (St. Andrew’s)

Jason König (St. Andrew’s)

Francesca Martelli (UCLA)

Karen Ní Mheallaigh (Exeter)

Irene Peirano (Yale)

Tim Whitmarsh (Cambridge)

Yours, the conveners:

Tom Geue (Bristol)

Claire Rachel Jackson (Cambridge)

Francesca Middleton (Cambridge)

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