International Ancient Warfare Conference 2015 (IAWC15)

C 29 июня по 2 июля 2015 г. в г. Аберистуит будет проходить международная конференция, посвященная военному делу в древности.

Заявки на участие (тезисы до 300 слов) принимаются до 1 марта 2015 г. по адресу (Geoff Lee).

В рамках конференции возможно проведение экскурсий.

Оригинальный текст:

International Ancient Warfare Conference 2015

This conference will be held from the 29TH of June 2015 to the 2nd of July 2015, at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. Conference Organiser: Geoff Lee.

The conference is aimed equally at postgraduate students, early career researchers and established academics. The intent is to facilitate a multi-disciplinary conference and therefore researchers from any relevant discipline are encouraged to participate. Papers on any aspect of Ancient Warfare are sought. These will be of thirty minutes duration with ten minutes for comments/questions.

Ancient Warfare in this context is from the Dawn of Time until the Fall of Constantinople. However, papers that show a continuation from this period to other periods, including those relating to future warfare, will be considered. Submissions relating to all cultures and regions of the globe will be considered.

Confirmed speakers, so far, are: Professor Philip Sabin from Kings College in London, and Doctor Jason Crowley from Manchester Metropolitan University.

There may also be a day trip to the Dolacouthi mines and the nearby Roman fort where Professor Barry Burnham has kindly offered to be available to give us the benefit of his extensive knowledge of these sites. This trip will only be organised if there is enough interest. More on this at a later time.

The deadline for submission of abstracts, which should be of c. 300 words, is March 1st 2015. All contributors will be required to pay a fee which is £25.00 for current students or the unwaged and £35.00 for other participants.  This is a reduced fee and covers attendance at all four days of the conference.

If you wish to gain some experience as an assistant at the conference, then please let me know – some people will be needed to check delegates in, act as guides and several other tasks which facilitate a successful conference. Please feel free to pass this to potential helpers from any academic discipline who may wish to be involved

If you are an experienced academic, willing to act as a chair or able to offer help with choice of abstracts, and other aspects of organising the conference, then please contact me.

Please note that any helpers at the conference will not be expected to pay for attendance at the conference.

Also, please note that if you will require a signed certificate for attendance then please make sure you bring the certificate (s) to the conference so that it/they can be signed whilst the conference is running.

Aberystwyth is easily accessible by rail. Postgraduate students needing help with their travel costs are encouraged to apply to the Thomas Wiedemann Memorial Fund (

Accommodation and meals will not be arranged for the workshop. However, as Aberystwyth is a popular seaside holiday resort there is an abundance of accommodation available. The National Library has a canteen and a café and there are also several good places to eat within easy walking distance. If university accommodation is available details will be posted on the BLOG. In addition suggested meeting places for each evening will be posted on the BLOG as will details of the conference dinner.
The conference BLOG, which is currently being developed, will be available at:

To submit an abstract or for more information please contact the conference organiser at:

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