Thronos. Historical Grammar of Furniture. Prototypes, functions, materials

Конференция «Thronos. Историческая грамматика мебели. Прототипы, функции, материалы» пройдет в Болонье 5-6 июня 2014 г. Конференция посвящена исследованию развития, хронологии, номенклатуры, адаптации к запросам покупателей, функциональности, прототипов, моделей, деталей, материалов, украшений, техники производства, процессов производства микенской мебели. Планируется публикация сборника материалов конференции. Заявки принимаются до 15 января 2014 г. Программа конференции станет известна до конца февраля 2014 г. Доклады должны быть рассчитаны на 15 минут.

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Historical Grammar of Furniture.
Prototypes, functions, materials.

The conference will take place in Bologna on June 5th-6th, 2014. Its purpose is to investigate the possibility of a fruitful and productive dialogue between the philological field of study and the techno-artistic one. The meeting will thus be entirely devoted to modern and Mycenaean furniture, analyzing and discussing its development, chronology, nomenclature, evolution, adaptations to the buyers’ needs, improvement of functionalities, prototypes, models, evolution of the objects, relationships with different settings and societies, formerly used and then dismissed materials, decorations, manufacturing techniques, artisans, production process, narrative device, acquired or metaphorical meanings.

Selected papers will be published in a volume edited by Alberto Bernabé and Rachele Pierini, with the collaboration of Marco Ercoles and Eugenio Perazza.

Please confirm your interest at your earliest convenience and send information about your academic position, title and abstract of your paper to by January 15, 2014. The scientific committee will evaluate the received proposals and will compile the schedule of the approved contributions by the end of February, 2014. Since our purpose is promoting debate, each talk should be 15 minutes long and discussion will take place at the end of each session. Unfortunately we cannot refund participation expenses. After each session, organizers will be pleased to invite speakers for a lunch.

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