Research and Education Center antikovedeniya Yaroslavl State University. PG Demidov was established in 2006 with the aim of introduction of innovative educational programs and conduct basic and applied research in the field of Ancient History, Classical Archaeology, Roman law, classical philology, ancient philosophy and culture. The priority direction of the scientific work of the Centre is to study the ancient statehood, public-legal relations in the society of Greco-Roman civilization. In the area of research interests of staff of the Centre and reception of ancient heritage: the formation of European political, legal, cultural paradigms. The educational activities of the Centre is aimed at training and skills development in the area antikovedcheskih disciplines that make up the base of the humanities. An important objective of the Center is to use information technology in antikovedcheskih studies. Centre seeks to develop partnerships with Russian and foreign scientific and educational institutions.

Digital repository of the Scientific & Educational Centre for Classical Studies at YSU

Here, one can find a full-text database and online catalog of publications available in the Centre’s library and focused on different sub-disciplines within the classics: the classical history, philosophy, philology, culture, etc.

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