The Research and Educational Centre for Classical Studies at P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University was founded in 2006 for the purpose of innovative educational programs implementation and conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of ancient history, Roman law, classical archaeology, philology, philosophy, and culture. Study of statehood and public law in Ancient Greece and Rome is the priority direction of the Centre’s activity. Likewise the reception of classical heritage (formation of European paradigms of politics, law, and culture) is in the sphere of our interest. Educational activities of the Centre are directed to the training and professional development of specialists in classical studies, which are the basis of the Humanities. Our important task is application of information technology in the classics. The Centre aspires to develop cooperation with Russian and foreign scientific and educational institutions. Under the Centre Yaroslavl branch of the Research and Educational Foundation “The Centre for Roman Law” operates.

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Digital repository of the Scientific & Educational Centre for Classical Studies at YSU

Here, one can find a full-text database and online catalog of publications available in the Centre’s library and focused on different sub-disciplines within the classics: the classical history, philosophy, philology, culture, etc.

The Portland Vase
Italy, Rome.About 5-25 BC. British Museum


The Centre for Classical Studies at YSU will conduct a web-conference.