Song Regained: Greek Epic and Lyric Fragments from the Archaic to the Imperial Era

Конференция «Song Regained: Фрагменты греческой эпической и лирической поэзии от архаического до имперского периода» пройдет в Лондоне 2-4 июля 2014 г. Мероприятие начнется с семинара по методологии изучения литературных фрагментов (2 июля). Для участия в конференции необходимо прислать тезисы (до 300 слов) до 22 декабря 2013 г.

Оригинальное сообщение:

The Department of Greek and Latin, University College London together with the Department of Classics, King’s College London, is pleased to announce a combined event on Greek poetic fragments, to take place at UCL, 2-4 July 2014.

The schedule of events:
A postgraduate training day on the methodology of working with literary fragments (2 July 2014)
An International Conference: Song Regained: Greek Epic and Lyric Fragments from the Archaic to the Imperial Era (3-4 July 2014)
For over a century the study of fragmentary texts has substantially and often spectacularly transformed our picture of Greek poetry: new poems (and even poets) emerge from oblivion, while previously known texts are seen in a new light, and the existing corpora are enriched and reshaped. As a result, long-held views on various works, poets and genres are challenged, and our knowledge of ancient literature and culture continues to advance.
The aim of the event is twofold. First, it will provide training for the next generation of philologists in the specialized technical skills needed to work directly on the wealth of new poetic material as well as to treat extant material, which is often in need of revisiting (through editions, reconstructions, commentaries, etc). Secondly, it will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on cutting-edge research currently done in the field of Greek literary poetic fragments.
I. Training Day (2 July 2014)
The training day, led by an international team of distinguished papyrologists and literary scholars, is primarily addressed to postgraduate/doctoral students who work on ancient literary texts and wish to develop or improve the technical skills needed to treat fragments. The workshop team will offer basic guidance on key aspects of methodology. The day’s agenda will be split into two parts:

a) A methodological session (morning) which will include a number of lectures addressing issues such as hands and styles, marginalia, scholia, other kinds of annotation in papyri, the use of abbreviations, sigla, lacunae, indirect tradition, etc.
b) A practical session (afternoon) which will include a number of workshops during which the participants will have the opportunity to work with specific papyri and fragments as case studies and put the principles into practice.
To increase the benefit for participants, material to be treated during the workshop (papyri, diplomatic transcriptions, translations, some bibliography) will be distributed well in advance, giving participants time to prepare.

Workshop team
Ettore Cingano (Ca’ Foscari, Venice)
Chris Carey (UCL)
Giambattista D’Alessio (KCL)
Nick Gonis (UCL)
Michael Haslam (UCLA)
Kathleen McNamee (Wayne State University)
Dirk Obbink (Oxford)
Peter Parsons (Oxford)
Giuseppe Ucciardello (Messina)

Training day attendance: Space is limited owing to the nature of the course. To secure a place you are kindly asked to express your interest by Sunday, 22 December 2013, by contacting Margarita Alexandrou ( (please state your name, affiliation, and, if a doctoral student, a title and brief description of your thesis topic).
II. International Conference: Song Regained: Greek Epic and Lyric Fragments from the Archaic to the Imperial Era (3-4 July 2014, with keynote lecture on the evening of 2 July)
The International Conference will build upon the training day and aims to bring together presentations from an international array of established scholars as well as younger researchers who currently work on Greek epic and lyric fragments, older or new unpublished material, from the archaic through to the Imperial era (via production of editions, commentaries, etc.), preserved in papyri, inscriptions, the medieval manuscript tradition, or other media.
Confirmed speakers
Amin Benaissa (Oxford)
Ewen Bowie (Oxford)
Felix Budelmann (Oxford)
Chris Carey (UCL)
Patrick Finglass (Nottingham)
Luigi Lehnus (Milano)
Enrico Magnelli (Florence)
Lucia Prauscello (Cambridge)
David Sider (New York)
Laura Swift (Open University, UK)
Christos Tsagalis (Thessaloniki)
Keynote Speaker: Annette Harder (Groningen)

We welcome abstracts for papers that fit the scope and purposes of the conference. Presentations should not exceed 25 minutes, and will be followed by a 15-minute discussion.

Abstract submission: Please send abstracts (of no more than 300 words) by Sunday, 22 December 2013, to stating name and affiliation (thesis title and brief description for doctoral students).

We expect to be able to offer a number of bursaries for students who wish to attend the event. However, funding is limited and it is hoped that participants will claim their travel and accommodation expenses in the first instance from their home institutions, but we will make every effort to assist with accommodation and travel expenses where needed.

For enquiries about the event, please contact Margarita Alexandrou (

Organisers: Margarita Alexandrou (UCL), Chris Carey (UCL), Giambattista D’Alessio (KCL)

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